Self-Service Android User Acquisition Platform

Promote your Android App on CPI Basis -  $0.08 per Install

High Converting Android App Advertising Campaigns

Our high-converting android game and app promotion campaigns help you dramatically boost your direct user base with incentivized traffic from the official google play store.

Promote Android App fast

Fast Campaign Creation

The complete setup for a new app marketing campaign only takes minutes. This way you can start your android app promotion today and see the results in just a few days.

sdkless app promotion

No Advertising SDK required

You don't have to rework your android app to integrate any SDK to promote your mobile app with us. We work directly with your Play Store Page for optimal results for you.

app marketing online solution

Self-Service Online Dashboard

Create and optimize your android app promotion campaigns within our self-service dashboard. Just set your install goals and receive new downloads from real people for your android app.

Geo Targeted App Promotion

Free Geo Targeting

You get free geo-targeting for every app advertising campaign - no predefined sets of countries, you choose what's best for you! Optimize your android app promotion pay per install campaigns with it.

Full Budget Controll

Full Budget Controll

You control your budget. If you want to start, stop or change your ad budget is up to you.

Maximize your ROI with a powerful marketing opportunity.

Boost User Acquisition Campaigns

Run your mobile app advertising campaigns, boost your app downloads and buy android installs on cost per install base with incentivized app marketing campaigns. Give your app the chance to shine at the top of the play store charts.

High Retention App Marketing Campaigns

With our mobile app retention strategies and campaigns, we can provide a solution for the major problem of fast uninstalls as we guarantee a minimum of three-day retention after the download. Mobile app retention is one of the main app store ranking factors that will influence the success of your app.

Keyword Search Campaigns

Complementary to App Store Optimization, our Keyword Search Campaign Type gives you a solution to increase the app keyword rankings of your Android App in the Play store. This works best if you track the keyword rank of your app with other tools like appannie.