Ad View

What is an Ad View?

The Ad View is the number of views for a particular ad medium. All possible advertisements that are placed on a website or in videos are referred to as advertising media. An ad view is created when an ad is displayed at the time a website is visited and the user looks at it. In contrast to the Ad Click, it is therefore only about the pure display of the advertisement. It is not a question of whether the visitor to the website clicked on the ad. The term Ad Impression is known as a synonym.


The Ad View is measured using so-called tracking pixels. Tracking pixels are invisible to the user and record the user’s behavior. In current social media, an advertisement is considered visible if half of the advertising medium is visible to the user for at least one second. For advertisements in video form, a minimum viewing period applies which varies depending on the platform. The measuring tracking pixels are located on an external pixel server and are integrated into the corresponding website or emails via HTML. The visitor’s client sends a signal to the ad server when the ad is displayed. The resulting ad views are recorded statistically by the ad server. The resulting value is regarded as a central Key Performance Indicator (KPI) within online marketing.


Ad views on their own enable advertisers to evaluate specific data on the user behavior of their target group. They are also an essential element in calculating the click rate. The click rate results from the ratio of advertising media displayed and the number of clicks on this advertising medium. A perfect ad would generate one click for each ad view, so the ratio of display and click rate would be the same. Thanks to the ad views, it is possible to place advertisements that are more effective in terms of content and placement in the future. The effectiveness of an advertising medium is significantly determined by the following factors:

  • The relevance of the advertising medium for the target group
  • Quality of the page with the placement of the advertising medium
  • The layout of the ad itself

The conversion rate and click rate thus increases by adjusting these key factors, but ad views themselves say nothing about the effectiveness of the ad placed.

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