What is an advertiser?

An advertiser is the operator of an online shop or website who has an affiliate link placed on another page. If the affiliate link actually leads to a purchase, a small commission is paid.

What distinguishes an advertiser?

The advertiser is part of the affiliate cycle. This system is called affiliate marketing and is also known under this name. The operator who places the affiliate link on his own site is known as the publisher. Within affiliate marketing, the advertiser naturally has certain tasks to perform. By having the advertising space made available to him – by the affiliates (publishers) – he has the opportunity to place his own advertising on other foreign websites. If it is a success, a commission must be paid to the affiliate.

In this context, one speaks of success when there is a click on the advertising medium, the customer is contacted or even a sale takes place. It is important that the commission that has to be paid to the affiliate is always determined in advance. Via the affiliate’s website, which is associated with a certain range, the advertiser can also use this range for himself in this way.

Conclusion: Commission and billing

Basically, an advertiser can be considered an advertiser. The advertiser’s task is to advertise products or services via the affiliate’s portal. Only if this measure is successful does the advertiser have to pay the affiliate a commission, the amount of which has been regulated in advance. It should also be noted, however, that a certain agreement must always be decided upon. You can choose between cost-per-click, cost-per-sale or cost-per-lead. Technically, these billing models can be manipulated, which is known as ad hijacking. All three variants have their own billing model, which is used in case of success. Opposite stands the publisher. Both represent two players in affiliate marketing. The relationship is based on certain reciprocity because the publisher makes his reach available on the Internet, for which he is paid accordingly if successful.

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