Advertising Awareness

What is Advertising Awareness?

Advertising Awareness is a marketing strategy that aims to increase customer trust with the overall message of the company and the services or products it offers. In particular, this strategy aims to promote these services or products in a country or region that does not yet exist on the market.


Advertising Awareness does not pursue the goal of generating a high turnover with the service or product in the short term, but rather of building up the awareness and image of the product and the small entrepreneur at an early stage. This advertising goal is particularly useful in the early days of a company when the customer base in a market with competitors is still low.

How the achievement of the target develops on the respective company depends on the target customer market and the corporate image which the company wants to present. The objectives should, therefore, be clearly defined for each company, as they play a decisive role in the implementation of advertising awareness.

Increasing brand awareness

Brand awareness is a so-called overarching goal of the Advertising Awareness advertising strategy. This marketing phenomenon represents the extent to which consumers are able to recognize the brands of small businesses and assign these brands correctly with certain services or product offerings. Increasing brand awareness is a key objective in the first months of growing business when the company is trying to enter the local market first and attract consumer attention. The increase in brand awareness through advertising keeps the company in the minds of consumers, so to speak, which can lead to increased traffic at the company’s headquarters.

Delivering strong messages

The messages conveyed by a small company must not be vaguely or easily misinterpreted. The more space consumers are given to confuse the company message, the easier it becomes for the target market to make false assumptions about the brand and the products. Through a clear and strong message, through advertising campaigns, consumers receive product messages in an easily understandable and memorable way. This enables better message retention and easy recognition when consumers encounter the company’s product and enter company locations.

Increase market share

Companies win customers and increase sales over time by acquiring a growing and larger market share. Advertising Awareness Advertising aims to increase a company’s market share by increasing consumers’ knowledge of the small business’s products and services. Advertising campaigns saturate the market to drown out competitors’ voices. If the advertising campaigns follow the rules of simplicity and memorability, consumers can begin to visit the store, which offers the opportunity to permanently take over sales from the competition.

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The three described types of awareness in Advertising Awareness Marketing can be used to measure brand awareness and the advertising message and, based on the results, to increase the image and promote the services and products in a new market.