App Marketing

App marketing is defined as the marketing of applications. These are also known as apps. They are used on mobile devices such as smartphones. The goal of app marketing is to attract users and thus generate sales. The term is often associated with mobile marketing, whose task is to advertise on mobile devices. Therefore, apps can also be used for advertising purposes and thus serve to win customers for other products.

The Background

In recent years, the importance of mobile devices has become more and more important. The technology has become more powerful and thus opens up many new possibilities. According to statistics, over 2.7 billion smartphones are operated worldwide. Since each user uses on average not only one but several apps, this results in large market potential. The application possibilities are manifold and mostly limited to one or a few functions. They offer targeted solutions to problems and are therefore perceived by users as efficient and helpful.

Marketing the Apps

Even the best app cannot make a profit if it is not professionally marketed. Users must learn about the functions offered and the existence of the app and be encouraged to buy or download it. This requires targeted app marketing. Corresponding services are offered by professional agencies and therefore also belong to the scope of services of our online marketing agency.

Content and objectives of App Marketing

Since the apps are small applications that perform special tasks, the target group must be addressed directly. It must be defined and analyzed. Success can only be achieved if marketing is adapted precisely to the requirements. At the same time, reach is crucial. The App Marketing must address as many potential users as possible. In addition, there are different marketing channels that have to be considered. They also depend on the target group and are determined accordingly. Possible sales channels and advertising platforms for apps are:

  • App Stores
  • Press releases
  • Reviews from users
  • Social Media networks

The development of apps

Users expect a special function from an app, which they cannot realize without the app in this form. It can be something original, new or surprising. Therefore the development of an innovative concept is important. After a market analysis, the possible functions are identified and the app is adapted to the requirements. Design and user comfort are also important during implementation. If various questions are already taken into account during the design and programming of the app, this is an advantage in marketing. The app marketing must be coordinated in all phases so that sales increase.

Important questions in App Marketing:

– What are the unique selling points of the app?
– How can the app be tailored to the marketing platform?
– Which channels can be used to address the target group?
– What innovative ideas does the app implement?
– How can the design be optimized?

Freemium and premium models

One component of app marketing is offering free freemium and paid premium models. The free apps are used for advertising and give a first impression of the product. If the user’s interest is aroused, he has an incentive to buy the paid version, which provides further functions. In addition, the free app may have a time limit or other restrictions.

Legal principles for App Marketing

When marketing apps, you must observe various legal regulations. The regulations are based both on the terms of use on the individual app marketplaces and on the general legal provisions. It is therefore important to coordinate the content optimally, to observe industrial property rights and to ensure that downloads and advertising are safe. You will receive support for these and other questions from an app marketing agency.