Mobile Advertising

The term mobile advertising refers to a form of advertising that is primarily designed to be displayed on mobile devices. Advertising messages are transmitted to customers through mobile advertising formats that have been specially developed for mobile use and are adapted to smartphone & Co. displays.

Digital marketing in the mobile age

There are currently a number of different devices on which mobile advertising is displayed. On the one hand, there are Internet-enabled smartphones, and on the other, there are various tablets with different display sizes. In contrast to traditional online advertising, which is displayed in the context of the Internet browser, mobile ads are usually placed between the contents due to the small display size, which has an extremely positive effect on the perception of the ads.

The future of mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is becoming increasingly important and is expected to become one of the most important areas of online advertising in the coming years. An important factor why mobile advertising is considered to have great potential is the possibility of targeting specific user groups. Innovative features such as geotargeting make it possible to specifically display advertisements to users who are in a certain spatial environment.


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