Mobile Fraud Protection

Real-time mobile fraud defense encompasses a collection of modern technologies that make use of “rule-based” options to block mobile ad fraud in real-time. These include obstructing installs with brief CTIT times, anomalous high perception, click volumes or conversion rates from particular sub-publishers or IP addresses, obstructing installs that fail set up validation on iOS, and also blacklisting both mounts from illegal or confidential IP addresses as well as installs from DeviceIDs understood to perpetrate fraudulence.
Many large mobile advertising and marketing teams make use of both a real-time defense modern technology, in addition to advanced mobile fraud discovery to obtain the ideal possible mix of automation, speed as well as mobile scams insurance coverage.

Strong Real-Time Fraud

  • Bot or Crawler Clicks
  • Bot Installs
  • With DeviceRank
    Fraudulence DeviceIDs
  • With a Secure, Post-Compilation SDK
    Man-In-The-Middle Attacks
    Retransmission Fraud
    Acquisition Fraud

Weak Real-Time Fraud

  • Click Redirection
  • Compelled Clicks
  • Click Flooding
  • Click Hijacking
  • Installation Hijacking
  • Set Up Fraud from New Devices
  • Set up Fraud hiding behind Limit Advertisement Tracking

Very Weak Real-Time Fraud

  • Mislabeled Incentivized Clicks


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